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Sarah Kersten Studio

Small Fermentation Jar Weights

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Weights to keep ferments submerged under brine water! These half moon shaped stones are made of high fired stoneware. They are unglazed, but because they have been fired to a high temperature, they will not absorb water. 

When together, the stones form a 4.4 inch diameter circle. These weights are sized to fit our small (2 quart) fermentation jars but will work in any appropriately sized container. 

 **This product is a separate set of weights, without a fermentation jar. Each of our fermentation jars includes a set of weights with purchase. These are for customers who want an additional set, or who want a set of weights without purchasing a fermentation jar. 

Care Instructions

All dinnerware is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and nontoxic. We produce all pieces by hand in our Oakland, CA studio.