Sarah Kersten Studio is a small team of artisans. We make and sell beautiful, durable stoneware from our Oakland, California studio. Our work is inspired by our lives, which center around the table and kitchen. We believe that intentionally made ceramics make more beautiful meals, homes, and lives, and we are thrilled to make these pieces and share them with you.

Sarah Kersten started the business in 2012, fully in love with making ceramics. Over the years, Sarah learned and mastered various production methods. All of our designs, molds, and clay and glaze formulas are custom made in-house. We utilize a combination of modern and traditional processes to make our work. Our ceramics are enjoyed by individuals in their homes and by chefs in their restaurants.

Our work is known for its beauty and durability. We are thrilled to make ceramics that are truly used. We are passionate about seasonal cooking, being at home, and the pottery tradition. make our work what it is.  So much of the world is plasticized and high-tech; we are proud to make a product that is natural and grounded.

We created a short video that offers an intimate look at the studio and our work. Video by Elliott Childress.