Our Glazes

  • Gunmetal Black

    Gunmetal Black is only available on our Fermentation Jars. It is a beautiful silver-grey black. This glaze shows a patina from oils that can be cleaned with soap + water.

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Our Materials

The clay for our dinnerware is made for us locally in Richmond, CA, a ten minute drive from our studio. Our clay maker has been personally making batches of clay for ceramicists in the East Bay with his own recipes for decades and we love him. Over the years have made small changes to the recipe so that it better suits our process. Our dark stoneware clay body, fired to cone 10 in a reduction kiln, has rustic traits. A deep color and iron speckles that show through our glazes are some of our favorite characteristics. We love the inherent wild nature and durable properties of this clay.


Slipcast Clay

Our Fermentation Jars, Cups, Mugs, Pinch Bowls, and Spice Bowls are all slipcast at our studio. Slipcasting is a production technique where a liquid clay is poured into a plaster mold. We custom formulated our "Slip" recipe to match the color, look, and feel of our dinnerware clay. Our slipcast pieces do not have the dark iron spots that our dinnerware does; this is because the small particles of iron that make those spots are incompatible with the slipcasting process.