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Sarah Kersten Studio

Lunch Plate: Classic Collection

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Selection -   Winter Mesa
Selection -   Straw
Selection -   Classic White
Selection -   Black
Selection -   Fig
Selection -   Dove Grey
Selection -   Klamath Wheat
Selection -   Monterey Blue
Selection -   Pacific White
Selection -   Quail Egg
Selection -   Yosemite
Selection -   Inverness

The Lunch Plate is designed for salads and sandwiches. It's the go to plate for a morning waffle with syrup or a slice of quiche and sprig of salad. Not as big as the Dinner Plate but roomier than the Snack Plate. This is one that you will reach for often. It stacks perfectly with other Lunch Plates, and tucks right between the Dinner Plate and the Snack Plate as part of our Plate collection. 

9" diameter. 1" tall.

Our Classic Collection plates are available in our 10 studio glazes. You can read more about our glazes on our Glazes + Materials page.