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Sarah Kersten Studio

Grain Bowl

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Selection -   Winter Mesa
Selection -   Straw
Selection -   Classic White
Selection -   Black
Selection -   Fig
Selection -   Dove Grey
Selection -   Klamath Wheat
Selection -   Yosemite
Selection -   Pacific White
Selection -   Monterey Blue
Selection -   Inverness

The Grain Bowl is a medium-large sized, versatile, and classically shaped bowl equally capable of holding a main course or a shared side dish. The grain bowl would be perfect for a large composed lunch salad, a hearty vegetable stew, mashed sweet potatoes alongside a roasted chicken, or a couple of large avocados on the countertop. The Grain Bowl is crafted with a form meets function design and rounds out any dinnerware collection. 

8.5" diameter. 2.5" tall. 32 ounces.

The Bowl Collection is available in our 10 studio glazes. Read more about our glazes on our Glazes + Materials page.