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How Our Fermentation Jars Started

In 2009, Sarah started making fermentation jars while working on organic farms in Washington State. She had embraced fermented vegetables for their health benefits and other delicious qualities and needed a crock for herself. She was inspired to create a functional + beautiful vessel and discovered that fermentation jars were an excellent way to focus on her passion for ceramics.

The jars we make and sell today at Sarah Kersten Studio are the product of the years Sarah spent in pursuit of functionality, simplicity, and beauty in relation to this specific form.

Sarah and Elizabeth at Preserved in Oakland, CA

Preserved is shop for all things fermentation + food preservation. They have sold our Fermentation Jars for many years. We highly recommend visiting the store.

Elizabeth owns and runs Preserved and teaches informative, hands-on workshops. We were thrilled when she agreed to co-write the booklet and contribute recipes. Her years of teaching experience shine through in the clear, easy to follow recipes. 

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