Limited Edition Salt Grinder: Salt/Fat/Acid/Heat Collaboration

Sarah Kersten Studio

Earlier this year, Samin Nosrat's cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat was published. (If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and get a copy). Samin approached me about making a limited edition salt grinder to celebrate the book, based on a Salt Grinder a friend brought her back from Mexico City years ago. The salt grinder is particularly helpful for grinding Sel gris, a grey sea salt that tends to come in moist clumps. The salt grinder is textured on the inside, and made from a porous clay. It will absorb the moisture from the salt at the same time as it grinds the large crystals into a fine powder. I don't suggest using the salt grinder for anything besides salt. 

Each salt grinder measures approximately 4 inches x 2 inches and comes with a small pestle. 

**photos by Nikole Herriott 


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