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Sarah Kersten Studio

Dinner Plate: Classic Collection

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Selection -   Winter Mesa
Selection -   Straw
Selection -   Classic White
Selection -   Black
Selection -   Fig
Selection -   Dove Grey
Selection -   Klamath Wheat
Selection -   Quail Egg
Selection -   Pacific White
Selection -   Yosemite
Selection -   Inverness

The Classic Collection Dinner Plate has a classic look and feel, true to its name. It's the perfect size for a burger and fries, a hefty slice of veggie lasagne and salad, or roasted salmon with broccolini and wild rice. The Dinner Plate also works well as a small serving platter for cheese and charcuterie. It stacks perfectly with other Dinner Plates and pairs nicely with both The Snack Plate and The Lunch Plate.

10.75" diameter. Just over 1" tall.

The Classic Collection plates come in our 10 studio glazes, which you can read more about on our Glazes + Materials page.