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Sarah Kersten Studio

10.5 inch Dinner Bowl: Basin Collection

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Selection -   Classic White
Selection -   Straw
Selection -   Quail Egg
Selection -   Winter Mesa
Selection -   Black
Selection -   Dove Grey
Selection -   Fig

The Dinner Bowl is the largest piece in the Basin Collection. It measures 10.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep. The Dinner Bowl is exactly perfect for dinner; it is a luxurious size that facilitates beautiful plating & just the right portion size when enjoying a grounding meal with family and friends. 

The Dinner Bowl was inspired by our Salad Bowl, a 9 inch version the same form. For years our customers told us that the Salad Bowl was perfect, but suggested that perhaps an additional larger version would also be useful.  This is it! We are in love with using this dish. 

Our long term customers may remember the "11 inch plate/platter," which we sold from 2018-2021 and no longer make. The 10.5 inch dinner bowl is a half inch smaller in diameter and has a slightly different, slightly more curved shape, making it useful as an everyday dish as well as a serving piece. The "11 inch plate/platter" was mostly for serving. The Dinner Bowl is also lighter (in weight). In our opinion, it is more chic and versatile than its predecessor; a 2.0 version of a beloved old shape.