Breakfast Bowl: special RUSTIC Quail Egg

Sarah Kersten Studio

We recently fired the kiln for the first time and got a whole batch of quail egg pieces that look different than usual. The glaze is darker- not as bright white- and the iron spots almost shimmer. I think they are really beautiful. We think this odd result happened for a number of reasons; the glaze was a little thinner than usual, and the kiln was calibrated differently. These pieces are rustic and earthy and one of a kind; they are not defective.

Please note that there are visible glaze drips, particularly on the undersides of the bowls and plates, and there’s lots of orange showing. Every piece is unique. I tried to photograph pieces that expressed the variety in the batch; the photos were taken at 2 times, so they show the pieces in 2 different types of light. Photos were not edited. Photographing pottery to get the colors to present accurately is challenging, and isn't something I was able to do with this small batch, because I'm working alone and trying to get through this quickly. The tone of the white is not as bright as it normally is; it's darker. In real life it's somewhere between the 2 sets of photos that are shown here (2 different backgrounds). 

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