Online Seconds Sale Information


Seconds are items that I've declined to sell for full price. I sell a high quality product, made by hand in Berkeley California, which is reflected in my retail pricing. Therefore, if a piece doesn’t 100% meet my quality standard, I won’t send it out.

In the past, I’ve only sold seconds in person, because I’ve felt that it is important for people to understand what they are purchasing at a discount. Right now, I happen to have a number of seconds that are not seriously flawed. Nothing should be a huge surprise when you open the box at home, but keep in mind that it is work that I’ve chosen not to send out at full price.

Due to the nature of selling online + the time that it takes to list product & ship, I’m not able to provide individual descriptions of the seconds and why they are discounted. Instead, you’re putting faith in what I’ve decided is safe to sell at a discount online, and the piece you get is up to chance.

No returns or exchanges. In the past, a few issues have come up with seconds sales, so I would like to be crystal clear. If you’re going to use your second to give as a gift, please explain to the receiver that it is an item that was purchased at a discount, that it does not represent the standard of quality that I uphold under normal circumstances, and that it cannot be returned or exchanged. Furthermore, I do not authorize the reselling of seconds in a retail location or the use of my seconds in a restaurant setting. If you are interested in working with my business as a wholesale account or a restaurant, please email me at

There are some seconds that don’t fit into these categories- random glaze imperfections, or odd flaws in the piece. Most of what’s online today fits into these groups:

Fermentation Jars are seconds because of surface flaws or (minimal!!) cracking that affects the *outside* of the jars, rather than the inside. A few have interior flaws, but they’re very minor and shouldn’t interfere with use.  Therefore, the issues are aesthetic, rather than structural. These are nicer seconds than I've sold in the past at my studio sales, where I present a wider range of flaws to customers who can see them in person and decide for themselves. Fermentation Jar seconds come with a set of weights, and an emailed PDF of the instruction booklet. Letterpressed versions of the instruction booklet are not available for seconds; sorry. 

**Some of the large fermentation jars are a semi-gloss Black, the same black that we use for the dinnerware, instead of gunmetal black. Some of those glaze surfaces, in addition to being different from our standard glaze, have some small imperfections. These jars are listed as "Dinnerware Black" in the dropdown menu. 

Ramen Bowls. We recently started doing all of our production in house, and we’re on a bit of a learning curve with the ramen bowls. Many have been coming out warped, which interferes with stacking multiple bowls together. Therefore, they are seconds, marked down by 35%. 

Ovals. Also related to taking all of our production in house, we are on a learning curve. There are a number of ovals where the center of the oval has dropped down slightly, meaning, the surface  of the piece isn’t totally flat.

Any piece of dinnerware in classic white may or may not have small unglazed “pinholes” that have come out on the rims. These pinholes are places where the glaze has pulled away from tiny grains of sand in the clay body during the firing. It is more or less severe depending on the piece. Generally, "pinhole" is an accurate description; think the size of a pin, maybe a little larger. 

11 inch Plates/Platters. The first round of 11 inch platters was a little heavy. Each platter weighs around 3.5 lbs, compared to the revised (not discounted) version, which weighs 2.75lbs.