Glaze Finishes

Studio Glazes

At Sarah Kersten Studio we create our glazes using carefully formulated recipes. Our team glazes each piece by hand. This process creates variation between pieces. These subtle variations make each piece unique. 

Our dinnerware collections are available in 7 glazes. Our Fermentation Jars are available in 4 glazes.

Our glazes are non-toxic. Our studio is free of Lead and Cadmium. Our dinnerware collections are dishwasher and microwave safe. We recommend hand washing fermentation jars.


Classic White

Glossy White Glaze; minimal small black flecks. 



Matte White Glaze; warm tones. Minimal small black flecks. 


Quail Egg

Glossy white glaze with dynamic, dramatic spots. Expect variation from piece to piece.



Matte Glaze with light olive green to brown finish. Expect a range between light khaki and grey. This is my favorite glaze, but it has the most natural organic variation in this series. If you are particularly concerned, feel free to email us with your preference. 



Medium Gloss black glaze with golden rivulet detail at very close range. Subtle sparkle in direct sunlight is natural. 



Dove Grey 

Glossy deep grey glaze with visible black flecks from iron in the clay.