Fermentation dates back as far as 6000 B.C. and has a place in almost every traditional cuisine on the planet. The practice of fermenting food not only protects and preserves ingredients, but cultivates healthy probiotic microbes, the communities of bacteria long-revered for their contribution to gastrointestinal balance and overall health.

My 2 Qt. and 6 Qt. Fermentation Jars are inspired by ancient Chinese waterlock jars and designed to make vegetable fermentation simple, inspiring, and tidy. Each piece is high-fired for durability and lined with an easy-care, food-safe glaze. The water seal design creates an oxygen-free environment inside the jar, eliminating the loss of brine, the growth of molds, and those pesky visitors that too-often accompany fermentation: hovering bugs and unpleasant smells. This purity of process allows for long, safe fermentation and the development of ideal flavor profiles, while maintaining the quiet presence of a sculpture piece. 
My Fermentation Jars have been featured in Bon Appetite and Food & Wine magazines, and were included in Michael Pollan’s Cooked and Sandor Katz’s excellent book, The Art of Fermentation, which I highly recommend.