6 Quart Vegetable Fermentation Jar: Gunmetal Black, Seconds Sale

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The 6 Quart Fermentation Jar in Gunmetal Black *Second*

The 6 Quart Fermentation Jar is perfect for fermented food lovers, and excellent for making large batches of sauerkraut or kimchi. Each jar comes with a set of stoneware weights to keep your veggies safely in their brine and an instruction booklet to provide initial recipe inspiration. 

My fermentation jars are crafted with a waterlock seal, an ancient design which allows for an oxygen-free environment— the gold standard of vegetable fermentation. To use, prepare and pack vegetables inside the jar, then fill the channel at the jar’s mouth with water. Once the lid is placed into the water, fermentation begins, creating CO2, which in turn pushes oxygen out of the seal and maintains an oxygen-free ferment. 


*Photo shown does not reflect seconds quality* 

Each piece is crafted by hand and variation is natural. Seconds are highly functional, but may have visual imperfections. These imperfections can include: color variation, small spots of exposed clay, irregular glaze marks, bumps etc. These subtle irregularities make seconds special, one of a kind pieces. 

Notes on general seconds quality: 

-crazing around edge, leaving edge slightly exposed 
-color variation* 
-exposed clay/spot with no glaze 

-glaze marks (drips, bumps)

*Black seconds jars may have color variation that turns part of the jar a deep shiny brown


Measures 11 inches tall and 8 inches across. 

Gunmetal Black is a silvery black matte finish. Jars are also available in 3 other glazes, learn more about them here

All jars are nontoxic and should be washed by hand. We produce all pieces by hand in our Oakland, CA studio.