Often our kitchens find themselves divided into two categories: dishes that stay at home and dishes that travel with you through the world. But I’ve found that often there is a need for something in between— dishware that celebrates both beauty and functionality, that stores and protects ingredients, without crossing into the realm of Tupperware. In my own kitchen, foods like leftovers, ingredients prepped for cooking, dipping oils, and foods prepared in advance of entertaining often got stored sadly— in glass or plastic pushed to the rear of the refrigerator—or they were left out but often dried out.
So I decided to develop that perfect in-between piece: the covered bowl. Never forgotten on your way out of a dinner party, my covered bowls are designed to keep foods warm, covered and stored, beautifully. Perfect for sensitive fruits, family-style dinners, delicate salads, or leftovers that never need to leave their bowl. Available in three stackable sizes and as a nesting set.

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