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Large Vase in Basil *Second*

The Large Vase is the perfect container for a jaw-dropping flower arrangement that your guests will be in awe of. The largest in the trio of ovoid vases, create an eye-catching display by pairing it with another vase from the collection. 

*Photo shown may not reflect seconds quality* 

Each piece is crafted by hand and variation is natural. Seconds are highly functional, but may have visual imperfections. These imperfections can include: color variation, small spots of exposed clay, irregular glaze marks, bumps etc. These subtle irregularities make seconds special, one of a kind pieces. 

Notes on general seconds quality: 

-crazing around edge, leaving edge slightly exposed 
-color variation 
-exposed clay/spot with no glaze 

-glaze marks (drips, bumps)

Measures 8.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide at the mouth and 6 inches across the widest section.

Basil is a combination of turquoise and forest green tones with a matte finish. Vases are also available in 3 other glazes, learn more about them here. 

All glazes are nontoxic. We recommend you wash your vases by hand. We produce all pieces by hand in our Oakland, CA studio.