Three of our Favorite Glazes

Three of our Favorite Glazes

Straw, Classic White, and Fig. 

Three Beautiful Glazes.

Recently, I received a question about three of the glazes that are part of our line: Straw, Fig, and Classic White.  They are all different, but are also similar! What's the difference? Let's take a look....

Classic White & Straw 

The picture above shows the Classic White glaze in the top part of the photo, and the Straw glaze below. The primary difference between the Straw and Classic white is in the gloss. The Classic White is a glossy glaze, and the Straw is satin matte. You can even see some light reflecting on the classic white in this photo! 

The Classic White looks brighter in person, and the Straw has a more muted vibe. 

Straw & Fig 

The picture below shows the Fig glaze in the top half of the photo, and the Straw glaze in the bottom half. The Fig finish is earthy; kind of a cross between an olive green and a light grey, with some subtle hints of lavender. In contrast, the Straw finish is a muted white. The straw and the fig finishes are both satin matte glazes, so they go light on the gloss. We especially love these glazes for their tactile qualities; they are soft and dreamy to touch. Trust us. 


So there you have it! We love the Classic White for its clean, bright look, and we love the Straw and the Fig for their earthy satin matte finishes. The glazes are similar and complementary, while maintaining their distinct quailites.  

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